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Canadian phone charges: 5 important questions that deserve an answer

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Roaming Graphic

The costs of roaming

Fido charges up to $30/Mb for international roaming.

I recently got quite a shock. I looked in my bank account to find a large chunk of my savings wiped out. I didn’t have enough money to pay off my credit card, despite having just been paid. I couldn’t understand it. I found the culprit: Fido charged me $1,287.18 for one month’s mobile phone service. Over a thousand dollars on a phone bill!!

I always knew that Canadian mobile phones are the most expensive in the world, and

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Science Friction: A home-grown Montreal sci-fi

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Science Friction

“Science Friction” (2013, Canada) – Director Liam P Kiernan –

“Science Friction” is a movie I really wanted to like. When I was invited to the first ever screening of a new Montreal-made sci-fi movie I was very excited. The trailer promised tense drama with lots of action and other-worldly happenings – an asteroid slowing as it approaches the earth; a glowing sphere, arcing with energy; a strange figure in a diving suit wandering through a cave; explosions, blood, and fire.

The narrative of the movie concerns reluctant projectionist Jack, who is tricked into chauffeuring three girls on a drug run across the Mexican border. Deep in the Mexican woods (which look suspiciously like Quebec, but that’s forgivable!), they take a wrong turn and find themselves in trouble, stranded by a dilapidated old house. Inside lives a crazed old man, Billy, and an alien presence lurks in the caves below.

The ideas underlying the narrative are clever: the alien compels each character to each face the demons of their past, to conquer the guilt that is, as one beautiful line of dialogue describes it, “tattooed upon their souls”. Flashbacks and smart Tarantino-style time jumps are used to convey backstory with good effect, and I enjoyed being left with a puzzle to piece together.

Unfortunately, the movie

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The White Way

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And so the weary wanderer sallied forth into the white
Wrapped in wools and bound in boots of animal hide.
Trudge, trudge, trudge; his footfalls heavy with waterlogged snow
Boldly he marched on, the rain soaking him right through to his bones.
As the icy wind buffeted against his cheek like a thousand tiny insects biting him, he had to halt.
The way was blocked: a raging torrent from left to right, its surging grey waters forming a vast lake before him.
Unwilling to ford the freezing floodwaters, he had no choice but to carve a new path.
Doubling back and around the obstacle, he bravely soldiered on,
squelching through the slurry, shivering and longing for the warmth of the home he had left behind.
As his expedition continued through the misty murk, he had to deal with more drifts and evade more snow-mires,
From time to time he was able to follow the half-melted footprints of adventurers past;
It gave him comfort to know that others had made it through. Perhaps he too would survive the journey.
Suddenly, he rounded a corner, and he was there. His pale face smiled as he saw it.
He’d made it. He entered the station, boarded the waiting train and got to the office right on time.

A little something I wrote on the way to work this morning. Feedback welcome.

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Fantasia 2012: Crave (2012)

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“Crave” is the confident and compelling directorial debut from Charles de Lauzirika, one of the world’s most renowned DVD/Bluray boxset producers. It tells the story of Aiden (Josh Lawson), a crime scene photographer with vigilante urges and romantic longings. It’s hard to say too much about the story, but we the viewers are treated to seeing the world through his eyes and from within his head, every aspect of his character laid bare. He’s lovable but increasingly misguided, and as the storyline progresses we see him tested by both the threats of dangerous criminals and the desires to woo his would-be lover Virginia (Emma Lung).

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Fantasia 2012: Black Pond (2011)

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Black Pond

So, it’s time for my first movie review of Fantasia 2012. Yesterday I saw a very enjoyable and quirky film called Black Pond. It’s a British movie from a new director Tom Kingsley, about a family who have a stranger to dinner, who promptly drops dead at their table.

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