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Ah.. Inbox Zero.

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Now that's a good way to start the week.

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Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration

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Another great TED talk (from 2005)

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How to be happy in business

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Thanks @acroll and @sarah0s for sharing this inspiring Venn diagram for startups with me. Be sure to check out the original artist/author’s accompanying post at…

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Good advice

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Live for today, live in the moment, not what might or might not be tomorrow.

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Team Productivity: Tools of the Trade

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Seven Strategies for Success

I wrote in my last post about my desire to work with teams to help them to be more productive. I’ve been thinking about what my “tools of the trade” will be and how I can add value to the teams I work with. Fortunately I have a wide variety of experiences I can draw on, from my various roles at IBM as well as my work with voluntary organisations and prior employers. What follows is a list of strategies that can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of a team.

1. Use wikis and collaboration tools

E-mail attachments are inefficient and create versioning headaches; internal websites and repositories controlled by one individual or with limited access controls prevent people with key knowledge from sharing it and create information bottlenecks. Something I’ve successfully done in two different teams at IBM and am starting to do again in my current job, is to introduce and encourage the use of a wiki, a website that is editable by everyone, for everything from collaborating on documents or designs to reviewing documents and creating new starter guides. The impact on a team can be significant, not only does everyone have a single point of reference and a “place to put things”, but every team member is empowered to share his insights and correct things himself when he finds mistakes.

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