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Why is it still so difficult to send files?

Posted by on 14 Sep, 2011 in My Stream | 0 comments

From the always brilliant

Maybe we should just do away with files all together… ;-)

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Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away…

Posted by on 14 Jun, 2011 in My Stream | 1 comment

Now here’s a show I would have loved to see!


I found this online, if anyone knows the source, let me know.

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Fascinating video montage of Montreal in the 60’s

Posted by on 2 Mar, 2011 in My Stream | 0 comments

This is really interesting for Montreal residents such as myself. A glimpse of what the city used to look like.
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The Sequel Map – Which Sequels Were Better or Worse Than the Original? — BoxOfficeQuant

Posted by on 24 Feb, 2011 in My Stream | 0 comments


My friend Shane sent me a link to this, it quite compellingly demonstrates that sequels make money but are rarely better than the originals.

What a shame that next year will see more sequels made than ever before.

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How to make obeying the law fun – The Speed Camera Lottery (via @rooreynolds)

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I can’t get enough of these guys. They should run for government or something…

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Human 2.0

Posted by on 10 Dec, 2010 in My Stream | 0 comments

A site that looks at how technology is changing society

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