Posts made in June, 2010

The Daily Mail Song

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Well this sums up my feelings about the Daily Mail perfectly. Inflammatory, sensationalist drivel that does a lot of damage to society. Great song by Dan & Dan. Check out the other Dan & Dan videos too.

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A big sink-hole opened up on Rue St Catherine yesterday – Now that’s unexpected!

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This is totally bizarre. The main shopping street in Montreal had a
big hole open up yesterday. Apparently some guy in a Volvo almost fell
in, car and all!

Now they are sucking out the water from the burst water main, and I
gather some sewage too. Lovely.

Update: Now they’re sending a scuba diver down! Even more bizarre!


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Clever new Icelandic Tourism video pushes all the right buttons to attract visitors

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With all the attention on Iceland due to the volcanic ash cloud, they’ve created a new tourism site to promote Iceland to the rest of the world. The video is genius really, and ticks all the boxes – young, attractive people, beautiful nature scenes, extreme sports, bustling nightlife and lots of people having fun. Hard not to want to visit! See the full site at

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In case you were in any doubt that the web is the platform of the future, I give you.. Quake II in HTML5!

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This really is quite an incredible demonstration of what HTML 5, the new web standard that some browsers are already starting to support, can do. It looks just as smooth as playing it on your desktop.

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A much more usable way of visualizing product reviews

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I was just using Google Product Search and noticed they have this rather ingenious way of visualizing the totality of all the reviews that have been submitted. Instead of averaging everyone’s scores together, a bar graph shows how many people gave each ranking of 1,2,3,4 or 5, with each person’s vote counting for the same “length” of the overall bar. The ratings are colour-coded so you can see at a glance what the general consensus is.

A simple but highly effective improvement to rating summaries that I’d like to see all review sites (including the likes of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes) adopt.

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