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All Google Location History Dashboard does is remind me how restrictive the iPhone is

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Google’s location tracking service is quite interesting to me. Firstly, because it is private and cannot be shared – unlike Foursquare and the ilk. And secondly, because it is done as a side-effect of using the useful Google Maps for Mobile app, rather than as a distinct goal in its own right. This makes it a great way to capture extra data for lifelogging.

They’ve recently added a new dashboard which lets you view your location history in more detail. What mine basically tells me, is that as soon as I got my iPhone, I stopped broadcasting my location. Because I’m not a fan of purposeful checking in, I’d only published my location each time I did a maps search (which, being a user of public transport, is often).

And because Apple own the Maps app for iPhone (using Google Maps under license), they have disallowed Latitude from being an app on the iPhone (and it can’t background track until the new iPhone OS 4.0 anyway).

This is all very frustrating because even if Apple allow a Latitude app in iPhone OS 4.0, chances are they won’t integrate it with their Maps app, so it will have to be purposefully launched. One more reason to consider jailbreaking my iPhone…?

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Why this obsession with voided cheques? Do they think Canadians are too stupid to know their own branch and account number?

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What would have happened last night if we’d had proportional representation in the #ukelection?

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I thought I’d try my hand at a little number crunching. Based on the
figures from the BBC Election Website, I’ve made a couple of pie charts to show how the
seats in the House of Commons currently stand, and how they would
stand based on the same votes if we had a simple proportional
representation system (assuming percentage of the vote = percentage of
seats in the House).

Click either image to enlarge.

Add your comments!


Note: That this is based on 648 of the 650 constituencies, as the
other two have not declared, and are not expected soon.


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Visualization of 4,000 years of democracy in 90 seconds

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Nice animation showing how different ideas of governance spread around the world. Slightly oversimplistic in parts, and lacking some details, but still, a nice way to represent it.

Here’s the history of religion too:

And the history of the Middle East:

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Who owns your voice online? | Human 2.0

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A look at how our methods of communication online are mostly locked in and owned by corporations

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