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My first fishing trip

Posted by on 8 Jul, 2012 in Canada | 1 comment

Learning to fish

Learning to fish

On Saturday, I went to the lovely lakeside village of Chambly, Quebec, with my friend Andrei and his wife Gabi, and for the first time in my life I tried my hand at fishing. I’m not sure why I’ve never tried it, but I really took to it.. It’s relaxing, exciting, and downright enjoyable. I will definitely be doing it again!

I’ve written a few words to try and capture my experience:


Eager; I’m going fishing!
Overwhelmed; This rod seems complicated.
Relieved; Casting is easier than I thought.
Confused; Too much line, tangles, aargh.
Determined; I can figure this out.
Unafraid; It’s starting to make sense.
Surprised; A tug on the line…

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Ten things I miss about Montreal

Posted by on 11 Jan, 2012 in Canada, Lifenotes | 1 comment

My strange start to 2012 has given me plenty of perspective on my life, as well as helping me to learn what’s important in my life, it’s also helping me to figure out what things I value. Which brings me to this, ten things I miss about Montreal, in descending order of importance:

  1. Movie night and all my movie night friends
  2. The Writers’ Bloc writers group where i get my fortnightly writer’s kick.
  3. Working face to face with my coworkers
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Separation Journal #1: Seven Weeks Later

Posted by on 30 Jul, 2011 in Lifenotes, Relationships | 0 comments

A T-shirt I bought this month

A T-shirt I bought this month

Seven weeks since my wife moved out. How can that be true? They say time flies when you’re having fun, but apparently it flies by when you’re going through a major upheaval too. I suppose there are lots of new experiences and feelings to busy the mind.

Anyway, I intended to blog a bit more often than this, so I’m going to start writing something about my life every two weeks (credit to Roo for the idea). These will be interspersed with my other content, so if you don’t know me well you may want to skip these – you can use the categories to drill down.

In some ways a lot has happened since the reboot. In some ways very little…

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Time for a reboot

Posted by on 10 Jun, 2011 in Lifenotes, Relationships | 2 comments

Sometimes, the path reaches a dead end, and you have to turn back…

You know when your computer’s been running for a long time and everything starts to get really sluggish? You can still do all your usual tasks but everything is a real effort, it becomes hard work to do even the simplest of things. It’s like running through treacle.

In these situations, there reaches a point where you have to reboot. You’ll have to spend a fair bit of time getting everything loaded back up and working just the way you like it, but hopefully after that you will be able to return to normal operations, and be effective and productive again as you go about your business.

Well sometimes, that can happen in a marriage too.

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Our neighbour’s cat finds all sorts of places to hang out in our apartment…

Posted by on 28 Jul, 2010 in Lifenotes | 0 comments

It being summer we tend to have the back door open and next door’s
cat, which we have christened Smokey since we don’t know her real
name, just loves to wander in and make herself at home. She loves to
come and rub against our legs or get a bit of attention. I guess when
the owner is out. I suppose for a cat, they just see it as all one
home, they probably don’t distinguish between apartments!

Makes me want a cat of my own. Still, I suppose we kind of have one
now, without any of the hassles of looking after it!

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