Ten things I miss about Montreal

Posted by on 11 Jan, 2012 in Canada, Lifenotes | 1 comment

My strange start to 2012 has given me plenty of perspective on my life, as well as helping me to learn what’s important in my life, it’s also helping me to figure out what things I value. Which brings me to this, ten things I miss about Montreal, in descending order of importance:

  1. Movie night and all my movie night friends
  2. The Writers’ Bloc writers group where i get my fortnightly writer’s kick.
  3. Working face to face with my coworkers
  4. 24 hour coffee shop culture and coffee shop laptop-based creativity.
  5. Using STM and Communauto and BIXI and my feet instead of driving/parking.
  6. The amazing selection of places to eat (and especially I miss decent salads, hard to find in Scotland)
  7. Blue skies
  8. The never ending choice of festivals, events, and things to do.
  9. Montreal microbrewery beers.
  10. The French language and culture, it just makes life more interesting.

I’m sure I’ll have a different list of things I miss about the UK once I am back in Canada!


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  1. I just edited #10, realized I had missed a very important aspect! Fantasia will have to drop to #11. I will be back in time for that anyway!!

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