Posts made in November, 2009

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My Bitcurrent blog post on how Twitter should have designed the retweet function.

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In the Internet limelight for a brief moment

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So I wrote this post about how Twitter’s new retweet design is broken and offering a different suggestion of how they should have redesigned their retweet interface. Dave Winer (inventor of RSS and prominent blogger) wrote about the subject on, and recommended people read my post! Wow. Now, I’ve just checked Google, and when you search on “twitter retweet design” my post comes up first, above the post by Evan Williams, founder of Twitter about why they designed it the way they did.

If that’s not an endorsement of what I wrote I don’t know what is! Now, at the risk of stroking my ego too much, I will stop. But it’s nice to enjoy a moment of Internet “fame”.

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Technology isn’t the answer to every problem

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I think the strongest message of last night’s Challenge Your World event was this excellent short video by Sebastian Baptista from Uruguay. A simple idea, powerfully conveyed. Technology is not the answer to every problem.

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I haven’t used this yet but it looks rather good. If you have tried it add your comments here.

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How not to get me to endorse your product…

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I recently received the attached email (names blurred out to protect those concerned)

In it, I am told I can get a free licence for a product if I add a link to my blog.

While it’s nice that somebody thinks my blog has a value, this is definitely not the way to get me to endorse a product.
I know nothing about this product and I’m certainly not going to endorse something without having found it useful myself.
I use a rather excellent piece of Screen Capture Software called LittleSnapper, which makes it easy to grab and organise images, blur out text, etc. I used it making the image for this post.

If you want me to endorse your product, here’s the steps I would recommend.

1. Convince me why I would find the product useful.
2. Give me access/the ability to try it out.
3. Wait a while, and ask me if I found it useful.
4. If I did, ask me if I would consider writing about it.

If I find something of value, I may well choose to share that.

And you may be able to increase the likelihood of me writing about it with some reward – if we’re already at step 4 – ie I’ve decided I like it and am open to sharing my experience.

But the reward has to be of value. A license for something I’ve not used is not a reward. And this email gives me no incentive to care about the product.

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