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What on earth is wrong with the BBC News website?

Posted by on 31 Jan, 2010 in My Stream | 2 comments

I just logged onto BBC News and this is what I got… Character encoding problem? Hackers? Bizarre.

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Thumbthing – A brilliant new invention for reading books

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The most innovative products are often the simplest!

The thumbthing lets you hold a book open with one hand.. perfect for reading while standing and holding the pole with your other hand on a crowded tube/metro for example.

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And now for something completely different… a bit of science fiction

Posted by on 22 Jan, 2010 in Writers' Corner | 0 comments

This month I have started attending a creative writing course at Thomas More Institute.

The second week’s assignment was a 500 word dramatic monologue based on the character we’d developed the week before – in my case, 44-year-old Jack Duffy, who makes a living as a taxi pilot in 2258.

I did post it here but Blogger is playing silly buggers with the formatting, so you can read it on Scribd here. It’s also on my posterous. Feedback is always welcome.

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Awesome video explaining the importance of critical thinking (via @venessamiemis)

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This video explains in simple terms how we need to think more critically and carefully assess the information the world throws at us, not resort to thinking in black and white terms. I think this is going to be more and more important as traditional media authorities and new social media sources blur together to give us our daily information. Critical thinking will be a vital skill for our children’s generation (especially if we want the the wisdom of crowds to be realised).

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Scenic drive around Lake Champlain

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