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An interesting definition of “Never”

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Don't you hate it when companies make misleading promises? While reading this article and looking deeper into it, I came across this conflict between Shutterfly's terms and conditions and their advertised policy on the front page. Imagine being caught out by that, how mad you'd be!

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Google getting closer to real time search?

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Interesting.. Much is made of how Twitter is better than Google at real-time search. Yet I just got this Google Alert within 10 minutes of posting the tweet.

Are Google getting better at realtime search? Or did I just get lucky that they were scanning/spidering at exactly the right moment…

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Canadian mobile phones = extortion & blackmail

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Every time I get my phone bill I am shocked by how much they rip you off here in Canada.

Even though US & Canada are essentially the same network (both +1 country code) you still get charged ridiculous roaming charges for using your Canadian phone in the US – $1.20 a minute for an incoming call! And $1.25 a text message.

But it’s not just when you go abroad. Month to month I get charged an additional $30 a month on top of my plan for data. And if you want international text messages they’re extra too? Paper bills? it’ll cost you? Being able to use make cheap calls from 5pm instead of 7pm? That’s extra too.

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Craigslist ad with a sense of humour

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While looking for furniture on Craigslist we came across this unusual ad. Stands out from the crowd :-)

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