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A power station for every home? (via @deanupton)

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Here’s one of those stories that seems almost too good to be true. A clean, self-contained fuel-cell power station, that could power your home. If this really works (and contracts with eBay, Google and FedEx suggest it does), this could revolutionize the energy economy. Very exciting.

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Green screens aren’t just used in special effects movies

Posted by on 24 Feb, 2010 in My Stream | 1 comment

It’s surprising how much green screen technology is used in the movies. I hadn’t realised quite how much until I saw this video.

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How to harness user power

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Having discovered that Google Chrome now supports extensions (Hurrah!), I had a go at installing the rather excellent Cool Iris image previewing plugin, and was greeted with this screen, which basically advises anyone wanting to use the plugin on Chrome that they can’t implement it until Google add additional functionality.

What I like about this is that rather than just not listing a Mac OS X version on their website, they’ve gone that extra step to say “We’ve done everything we can possibly do, it’s out of our hands” – thus redirecting any potential user disappointment at the one group who can actually do something about it – the Google Chrome development team. 

There’s definitely a lesson here for anyone designing software. If a third-party dependency is blocking a much requested user feature, harness that user desire and get them to pester the third party for you!

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Zooming into a fractal bigger than the Universe

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Just awesome.

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Why do I have to choose?

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I find it so frustrating I have to make this choice. I am a Brit, living in Canada, who consumes a mix of content from the Americas, Europe and elsewhere. I don't want to restrict what DVDs I can play. Like the geo-restriction of TV content, which I wrote about earlier, this is just another example of how the technology infrastructure of the 90s and early 2000s has failed to catch up with the reality of the global village we live in today.

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