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The world’s deepest bin – proof that humans value fun

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Wouldn’t you like to see this sort of thinking applied to social policy? (from the same people as the piano subway steps)

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Charlie Brooker demonstrates why you can’t believe anything you see on TV

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Almost every piece of TV, movie, news or documentary footage you see has been edited to try and make a particular point. This video illustrates quite convincingly the power of editing and why you should hesitate to form judgements unless you’re watching live unedited footage.

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At the airport..

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Man I hate it when they confiscate water at the airport – it’s so arbitrary and random. Winds me up every time. Especially when I forget and I have to throw it away, so I buy a bottle on the other side – and it’s identical! Grr – angry just thinking about it.

Which is why I love this cartoon! :-)

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Reimagining of the User Interface using Multi-touch

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This is well worth a watch, stick with it for the “demo” at the end – it’s a reinvention of windows-based desktops using up to ten fingers as distinct control points instead of one mouse pointer. Unfortunately it’s only a concept – but technically very possible.

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Avro Vulcan XH558 2009 | PlanesTV

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Great footage of the Vulcan flying and a nice viral video seeking sponsorship

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