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The tragedy of electronic communication

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Here’s a bittersweet little “could-have-been love story” I came across on YouTube.

It’s amusing to watch, but I think there is a serious point to make here… If this were a real conversation, the pair would have picked up on the body language that much was not being said. Electronic chat loses that, and both parties can leave with a completely false impression of the other person’s feelings.

I’ve never seen a better illustration of why electronic communication is inferior to face to face communication.

In my view there’s kind of a hierarchy of communication in terms of how complete or effective it is… Face to face at the top, then video chat, then phone, then instant messaging, then text or email.

Food for thought anyway.

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“Your Extraordinary Mind” by Mike Williams

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Original source at

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Leningrad: then and now

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Just found these amazing photos with ghosts of Leningrad’s wartime past superimposed over photos from the same locations in the present day. Check out the original site to see the full set. Some are really eerie.

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What if Salvador Dali made an advert for Perrier?

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“Deadline” post-it stop motion by Bang-Yao Liu

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Quite an incredible piece of art. Thanks @deanupton for sharing this. Make sure you also check out the “making of” video too:

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