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29 ways to stay creative

Posted by on 19 Jul, 2011 in Ideas & Innovation, Improvement | 0 comments

I don’t agree with all of these, but there are some great pearls of wisdom in this nicely-put-together video:

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Thumbthing – A brilliant new invention for reading books

Posted by on 22 Jan, 2010 in My Stream | 0 comments


The most innovative products are often the simplest!

The thumbthing lets you hold a book open with one hand.. perfect for reading while standing and holding the pole with your other hand on a crowded tube/metro for example.

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Awesome new UK plug design

Posted by on 5 Jan, 2010 in My Stream | 2 comments

I really hope somebody picks this up and makes it a reality. It’s sheer genius and solves a lot of space problems with UK plugs. And it allows sockets to be reinvented while remaining fully backwards compatible too. Great innovation!

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Technology isn’t the answer to every problem

Posted by on 20 Nov, 2009 in My Stream | 0 comments

I think the strongest message of last night’s Challenge Your World event was this excellent short video by Sebastian Baptista from Uruguay. A simple idea, powerfully conveyed. Technology is not the answer to every problem.

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An inspiring TED-style talk for anyone with a creative spark

Posted by on 3 Jul, 2009 in My Stream | 0 comments

(Found via @leisa on Twitter – Thanks!)

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