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Groklaw – Answering Microsoft: Comments on Microsofts Letter to MA ~ by David A. Wheeler

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From the page: “Microsoft agrees here that there’s a need for ‘open and agreed-upon specifications for data interoperability’. This is striking, because these are some of the very requirements that Microsoft proposed alternative fails to meet.”

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Terror suspect to fight extradition – Times Online

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I thought we didn’t extradite people to countries where they might face the death penalty?

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UK inquiry into DRM and the law • The Register

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this is why i like living in britain – sometimes the government actually does the right thing!

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Sony to replace XCP-protected CDs | News | PC Pro

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the plot thickens

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From the page: “With the Internet, and companies offering digital music sales, independent artists can completely bypass the middle-man (in this case, the record labels), sign up with an iTunes like service, and do their own marketing, be it online, club gigs and concerts or word of mouth.

They are likely to receive more money than what any recording contract could offer them (unless, of course, they are considered to be a marquee brand and have the full backing of the label’s marketing team budget).

Also with the Internet, any attempt to circumvent any rights of users and consumers will be unmasked and made public by the technological priesthood of hackers and IT analysts around the world, highlighting the fact that consumers (as well as artists) are getting smarter.”

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