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Time for a reboot

Posted by on 10 Jun, 2011 in Lifenotes, Relationships | 2 comments

Sometimes, the path reaches a dead end, and you have to turn back…

You know when your computer’s been running for a long time and everything starts to get really sluggish? You can still do all your usual tasks but everything is a real effort, it becomes hard work to do even the simplest of things. It’s like running through treacle.

In these situations, there reaches a point where you have to reboot. You’ll have to spend a fair bit of time getting everything loaded back up and working just the way you like it, but hopefully after that you will be able to return to normal operations, and be effective and productive again as you go about your business.

Well sometimes, that can happen in a marriage too.

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Why I write

Posted by on 24 Nov, 2010 in Writers' Corner | 1 comment



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Here is the first of several pieces of writing I have produced recently. The assignment was fairly simple, just to write down what draws you to writing and what you hope to get out of the course. It wasn’t too hard, and the word count felt about right – but it was a useful exercise to lay out why I write. Writing is something I have been increasingly drawn too over the last year and I thought this piece might be interesting to share to add context to my blogging.


I’ll add some comments to this and each of the pieces I publish regarding my reflections on it.
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The November Project: No Facebook and Twitter for a month

Posted by on 31 Oct, 2010 in Lifenotes | 2 comments




[To read the follow up to this post, reflecting on the experience, go here.]


I’ve decided to do something unusual for November. For the whole month I’m going to give up Facebook, Twitter and a few associated “short update” type services. But I’ll be back on December 1st. Pointless? I don’t think so. Allow me to explain my thinking…


I’ve been on Facebook for five or six years now I guess. And that whole time I’ve hated Facebook – their lack of respect for personal privacy, their blatant commercialism, the way they abuse you and use your friends against you (I wrote a whole blog post about that). But I’ve never left. Because, well, my friends are on there. And now I’m living across the pond from most of my friends, those relationships are more important than ever. So I can’t leave Facebook altogether, it would leave me too isolated – in fact that’s my only contact with many friends.


I realised that this is unhealthy. Facebook encourages a very shallow level of friendship – little ego strokes with Like buttons and comments on each others profiles, lazy status updates to everyone instead of picking up the phone. It’s damaging the quality of the relationships I do have, because it makes me feel connected even when I’m not at all really.
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Hooray for organic SEO – Human 2.0 has hit the number one search result spot on Google!

Posted by on 4 Aug, 2010 in My Stream | 0 comments


Over recent months Alistair, Angela and I have been putting a lot of energy into our site Human 2.0, which looks at the ways in which technology is transforming society, and us as humans. Through the black art that is Google PageRank, we have finally managed to rise to the top of the Google search results page for Human 2.0, beating the BBC, MIT, Wikipedia and an obscure Swedish punk band!

Cause for celebration, I think!
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In the Internet limelight for a brief moment

Posted by on 26 Nov, 2009 in My Stream | 0 comments


So I wrote this post about how Twitter’s new retweet design is broken and offering a different suggestion of how they should have redesigned their retweet interface. Dave Winer (inventor of RSS and prominent blogger) wrote about the subject on, and recommended people read my post! Wow. Now, I’ve just checked Google, and when you search on “twitter retweet design” my post comes up first, above the post by Evan Williams, founder of Twitter about why they designed it the way they did.

If that’s not an endorsement of what I wrote I don’t know what is! Now, at the risk of stroking my ego too much, I will stop. But it’s nice to enjoy a moment of Internet “fame”.

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