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A much more usable way of visualizing product reviews

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I was just using Google Product Search and noticed they have this rather ingenious way of visualizing the totality of all the reviews that have been submitted. Instead of averaging everyone’s scores together, a bar graph shows how many people gave each ranking of 1,2,3,4 or 5, with each person’s vote counting for the same “length” of the overall bar. The ratings are colour-coded so you can see at a glance what the general consensus is.

A simple but highly effective improvement to rating summaries that I’d like to see all review sites (including the likes of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes) adopt.

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How can I enter a pairing code when MY KEYBOARD IS NOT RECOGNIZED? #usabilityfail

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How not to write an error dialog

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… and if that wasn't unhelpful enough, the AutoUpdate continued and said "Installation completed successfully".. and I have this uneasy feeling it didn't. Hope it doesn't come and bite me later!

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Oxymoronic DivX Screen

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Putting users first

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SMS Haircut Reminders


My hairdresser, The Green Room, recently took an innovative step forwards; it now texts customers a reminder the day before their appointment. It struck me that this is a very smart move on their part, and a great example of how listening to your users – in this case people coming for haircuts – can not only improve their experience of your product but also help your business.

I chatted to Scott, the manager, about the process. He’d mentioned that they were having lots of problems with people not turning up for appointments. This was causing an impact to his business because those slots were lost business – which could not be refilled at such short notice. Also it meant that staff would have nothing to do during those slots.

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