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Mr. Plinkett Takes on Hollywood

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A sketch of Mr Plinkett, from the Red Letter Media site

From the dawn of civilization to 2003, humans created five billion gigabytes of information. Now, thanks to the Internet’s mainstream adoption, we create that much data every two days. Everyone is a publisher now. But much of the content published is derivative; we’re witnessing the birth of ‘metaculture’ – a cornucopia of mashups, parodies, reviews and remixes of “old media”, encompassing everything from Twilight fan blogs and YouTube movie reviews to labours of love like “The Brick Testament”, a complete Bible re-enactment in Lego.

It is perhaps apt then, that the subject of this review is itself a review, namely Harry S. Plinkett’s video review of the 2009 “Star Trek” reboot. This is no ordinary review, it’s a feature-length film in its own right, skilfully merging insightful critical commentary with the sort of dark, politically incorrect comedy you might find in South Park or Pulp Fiction.

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Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away…

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Now here’s a show I would have loved to see!


I found this online, if anyone knows the source, let me know.

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Songpost #2

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The Drums – Down By The Water (Me and The Moon Remix)


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Songpost #1

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I had another idea how to express what’s happening. I’m no musician and no poet, but I know how much music can evoke an emotion or capture a mood. So I am going to do a series of posts, not in words, but in music. No song can every be 100% appropriate to your situation, but every now and then a song seems an incredibly close match to your feelings or situation. That’s what this is about. Writing with songs, if you like.

Here is songpost #1:
Dead By April – What Can I Say

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Time for a reboot

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Sometimes, the path reaches a dead end, and you have to turn back…

You know when your computer’s been running for a long time and everything starts to get really sluggish? You can still do all your usual tasks but everything is a real effort, it becomes hard work to do even the simplest of things. It’s like running through treacle.

In these situations, there reaches a point where you have to reboot. You’ll have to spend a fair bit of time getting everything loaded back up and working just the way you like it, but hopefully after that you will be able to return to normal operations, and be effective and productive again as you go about your business.

Well sometimes, that can happen in a marriage too.

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