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The tragedy of electronic communication

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Here’s a bittersweet little “could-have-been love story” I came across on YouTube.

It’s amusing to watch, but I think there is a serious point to make here… If this were a real conversation, the pair would have picked up on the body language that much was not being said. Electronic chat loses that, and both parties can leave with a completely false impression of the other person’s feelings.

I’ve never seen a better illustration of why electronic communication is inferior to face to face communication.

In my view there’s kind of a hierarchy of communication in terms of how complete or effective it is… Face to face at the top, then video chat, then phone, then instant messaging, then text or email.

Food for thought anyway.

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Window on the World

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One of my favourite things on my Chumby internet device, is the ChumbySpy widget, which lets me view random webcams from around the world. It makes you feel somewhat omniscient.

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How the Internet works (in cartoon form)

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Amazing visualization – Who owns the most servers?

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Looks like Google really is taking over the Internet!

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One year without TV – Part One

Posted by on 17 Jan, 2010 in Lifenotes | 1 comment

In just a couple of weeks time, it will have been a year since my wife and I last received any kind of TV broadcast into our home. We don’t even own a TV since we moved to Canada.

That’s not to say we don’t watch TV shows, news and movies, it’s just that we’ve been using different technologies to do it. In this first post I will explore why we did it,  how we made the transition away from broadcast TV, and what technologies we found to be useful. In part two I’ll look back at our experiences and assess the pros and cons of not having a TV, and discuss where this might lead, for us and for society as a whole. If you’d prefer a shorter version of this post, you can head on over here.

Watching TV at a time that you choose

So, why did we make the switch?

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