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OK, I’ve now seen “The Interpreter”

Ten reasons why The Interpreter is a bad film

1. Nicole Kidman’s awful AfricanFrenchAustralianAmerican accent

2. It’s totally inconceivable that all those secret agents would not have found the gun in the toilets after deciding the weapon was already in the building.

3. It’s totally inconceivable that all those secret agents when thinking “hmm where might a sniper go” wouldn’t think to check or guard the sound booths/interpreter booths

4. It’s inconceivable that two secret service agents would fail to spot the bomb left on the bus or fail to stop it going off

5. The film is totally hypocritical, trying to promote a “peaceful resolution is best” message meanwhile resorting to standard “we killed him but that’s ok he was a “bad guy”” tactics

6. The end scene is a complete copy – even down to the room layout – of the ending of Star Trek VI where they try to assassinate the Federation President

7. The twists are so obvious you see them coming a mile off.

8. The president of Matobo is blatantly supposed to be Robert Mugabe. The film is full of UN propaganda.

9. The music ramming down your throat “you must.. feel.. tense.. now!” and the long drawn out closeups to try and make you feel emotion. As one reviewer on Amazon put it “Messages are not delivered so much as hammered into one’s skull with the subtlety of an elephant taking a dump”

10. Did I mention Nicole Kidman’s totally unconvincing accent?

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Bring on the designer babies :-)

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Administrator and User Passwords in Windows XP

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Handy Windows problem solver page

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Quote from John Bolton, the person George Bush has nominated as US Ambassador to the United Nations “If I were redoing the UN Security Council, I’d have one permanent member: the United States.”

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A review of The Interpreter. I haven’t seen it yet so I’ll reserve judgement. But it’s an interesting read.
From the page: “And so the completed movie has all the zing of one of the droning diplomatic blather-fests in which the UN General Assembly, when it’s assembled, generally specializes. “
Oh yeah, and I included a pic of Nicole Kidman – because she’s fit! :-)

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