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29 ways to stay creative

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I don’t agree with all of these, but there are some great pearls of wisdom in this nicely-put-together video:

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The Complete History of the Soviet Union, with Tetris as Melody and Metaphor

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Ever since I heard this, I can’t get it out of my head. Incredibly catchy, but more than that, it’s incredibly clever, using the never-ending stream of blocks as a metaphor for the Russian worker class and even the Berlin wall. It covers the whole history of the Soviet Union and Russia, from the Russian revolution through Lenin, Stalin, WWII, 80s westernization, the fall of communism and the recent drift back towards communism.

What are you waiting for? Watch it!

You can learn more about the artists at

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Amazing stop motion video mashup – thanks to the BBC

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The BBC has just done something revolutionary… they’ve released all the source footage for an as yet unscreened documentary about the way technology is changing our lives, and are inviting the public to compete and edit/mashup the footage into something unique. Above is an inspiring example of what’s possible, by Barry Pilling. Here’s another by Cassetteboy.

The idea of allowing your work to be edited and improved by others was first encouraged by the Creative Commons. If you don’t already, make sure any photos you share on Flickr are released under Creative Commons, so others can do great things with them (without profiting or taking credit).

Another film in this vein that’s well worth a look is RIP: A Remix Manifesto, the story of Girl Talk’s rise to fame as a musician who plays no instrument but uses samples of others’ music. It too is freely editable and mash-up-able. There’s also a growing craze for “fake trailers”, the most famous being Shining. It’s so much easier these days now that people have a publishing house, editing studio and photo lab on their desktops.

Exciting times!

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How to recycle old plastic carrier bags into a messenger bag (or anything else!)

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Here is another example of how open information, spread via the Internet, protected for all by Creative Commons licence, can lead to some very cool and unexpected things…

Check the MakeZine page for the project for more details.

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An inspiring TED-style talk for anyone with a creative spark

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(Found via @leisa on Twitter – Thanks!)

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