India Travelogues

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In case you missed it, here is my journey through India recounted in ten blog posts:

  • India 1: Losing my business class virginity (with a backpack!)
  • India 2: First Impressions of India
  • India 3: How to get a drink in Ahmedabad
  • India 4: Look at the strange cow-eating white men!
  • India 5: Adalaj Wav Stepwell
  • India 6: A night out in Mumbai, local-style
  • India 7: The Mumbai Milk Scam
  • India 8: Rules of the Road: Ahmedabad vs Mumbai
  • India 9: Goa Goan Gone
  • India 10: A feast for the senses; a land at peace

And here are some photos from my trip.



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