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Ah.. Inbox Zero.

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Now that's a good way to start the week.

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Where The Wild Things Are Trailer | SPIKE

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awesome, I remember reading this book as a kid. looks great

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Wii Fit Fun

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Lately my wife and I are spending lots of time on the Wii Fit. Whoever had the bright idea of making competitive computer games that get you fit is a genius. Trying to get the bubble to the finish line without being stung by bees is incredibly addictive, as is trying to beat each other’s high score on the table tilt marble game or the ski jump or the football heading game where you have to avoid spinning panda heads that look like footballs. Who thinks this stuff up?!

There are some incredibly ingenious and crazy fun games in there.. like the crazy penguin game where you wobble an iceberg to catch fish, or the Zen meditation game where you sit still and stare at a candle, trying to ignore distracting footsteps and moths. The rhythm boxing is a good laugh too, with a cockney geezer trainer shouting at you to try harder and fight the fat, and an automated punchbag robot you can knock out.

Possibly the most knackering of all though is doing 6 minutes straight on Super Hula Hoop – 3 minutes in each direction. Knackering but as you can see from the picture, I made it – and not too bad too.

All in all the Wii Fit certainly makes exercise a lot more fun & interesting. Hopefully the darn thing won’t tell me I’m obese again at tomorrow’s weigh in!

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Clay Shirky on institutions vs. collaboration

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Another great TED talk (from 2005)

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“Deadline” post-it stop motion by Bang-Yao Liu

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Quite an incredible piece of art. Thanks @deanupton for sharing this. Make sure you also check out the “making of” video too:

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