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As a follower of this blog (if indeed there are any) you might have noticed I haven’t written here much lately. And I haven’t written much for my other written labour of love Human 2.0 either. So what have I been doing – especially while I’m off social networks? Surely that would have given me more free time? Well I had hoped to write more here – but much of my time has been taken up by a different sort of writing – assignments for the Non-Fiction writing workshop I have been doing at Thomas More Institute. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. The assignments have challenged me as a writer in new ways and have undoubtedly improved my writing. So I thought I’d publish a few of the things I’ve written here, along with some brief thoughts and comments on what I learnt from them.


I’ll use this post as a header post and update this post to add links to the pieces as I publish them.


(Image CC by Tom Swift)

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