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The world’s scariest job – free climbing atop a 1700m tower (via @planetf1)

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Think you have a stomach for heights? This video shows what transmission tower workers have to do to service the top of a 1700m high exposed structure… This death-defying free climb makes you feel queasy just to watch.

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The tragedy of electronic communication

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Here’s a bittersweet little “could-have-been love story” I came across on YouTube.

It’s amusing to watch, but I think there is a serious point to make here… If this were a real conversation, the pair would have picked up on the body language that much was not being said. Electronic chat loses that, and both parties can leave with a completely false impression of the other person’s feelings.

I’ve never seen a better illustration of why electronic communication is inferior to face to face communication.

In my view there’s kind of a hierarchy of communication in terms of how complete or effective it is… Face to face at the top, then video chat, then phone, then instant messaging, then text or email.

Food for thought anyway.

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The Complete History of the Soviet Union, with Tetris as Melody and Metaphor

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Ever since I heard this, I can’t get it out of my head. Incredibly catchy, but more than that, it’s incredibly clever, using the never-ending stream of blocks as a metaphor for the Russian worker class and even the Berlin wall. It covers the whole history of the Soviet Union and Russia, from the Russian revolution through Lenin, Stalin, WWII, 80s westernization, the fall of communism and the recent drift back towards communism.

What are you waiting for? Watch it!

You can learn more about the artists at

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The Daily Mail Song

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Well this sums up my feelings about the Daily Mail perfectly. Inflammatory, sensationalist drivel that does a lot of damage to society. Great song by Dan & Dan. Check out the other Dan & Dan videos too.

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Clever new Icelandic Tourism video pushes all the right buttons to attract visitors

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With all the attention on Iceland due to the volcanic ash cloud, they’ve created a new tourism site to promote Iceland to the rest of the world. The video is genius really, and ticks all the boxes – young, attractive people, beautiful nature scenes, extreme sports, bustling nightlife and lots of people having fun. Hard not to want to visit! See the full site at

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